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Do You Really Need a Website? 5 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes!

1. A website is open when you aren’t.

If you’re a small business, you aren’t open every hour of every day. A website will be there to offer customers information or complete transactions that you would’ve missed out on otherwise. Also, physical customers don’t wait in line with the digital customers, who are able to complete their transactions online, anytime.

2. It’s cheaper than the alternatives.

Buying ads in newspapers, listing in the phone book, or printing a banner being pulled by an airplane are all very expensive. The price of hosting a website is pennies on any of the above dollars. As of this posting date, offers hosting for $3.49 per month.¹

3. People will “Google” you.

Many customers use the internet for basic information, such as getting a phone number, looking for store hours, or finding where you’re located. Not having a website, most likely removes you from contention and lose a sale. With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that click for info can translate into a first page presence.

4. There are 279 million people on the internet.

This year, in the U.S. alone, 86% of Americans have internet access. That’s double the users than from 2000.² There are over 3 billion people using the internet at this moment.³ The potential client pool is only limited by your willingness to seek them out.

5. Your competitors have a website.

Business is about making money. Unless your business is the only one selling what you’re offering, then you’re in the same pile as everyone else. When you give competition an edge, you give them your money. Having a professional website with quality content will set you above the others.


²Internet Live Stats for the U.S.

³Internet Live Stats for the World

Will Denney

Will Denney

He is the Creative Director of Desert Designs AZ in Phoenix, Arizona
and a retired Air Force Veteran with a BS in Computer Studies.


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