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Unique diecut business card

4 Reasons You Should Have a Business Card

If you haven’t figured it out, the world is a visual place oozing with instant gratification. Billboards, social media, television…it’s all right in your face. And for good reason. It makes an impact. Business cards can too if used correctly. There are a million reasons to not use them; they take up space, I can’t decide what to put on one, and my personal favorite…people don’t really keep them so why waste the money. You may only have one shot. If done properly, business cards can be a major staple in your promotional tool box.

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Adobe Photoshop color picker values for CMYK

The Details of Color

You look around and with everything, there is a color to either differentiate it from similar objects are to blend it in with other objects to prevent it from being singled out. Call it style or camouflage, it’s nothing but color. How a computer sees this color is not only difficult for graphic designers to match, but then to create the vision of a client to their linking is all together another topic.

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